Time to Switch from Plastic Water Bottles to a Water Purifier Bottle

01 Apr 2021

The increasing use of plastic during the last few decades has created problems for the environment and our health. Plastic waste continues to be added to our oceans, streams and rivers while at the same time leaking dangerous toxins into the water we’re drinking. Plastic water bottles can easily be replaced by a water purifier bottle and as an added bonus you’ll end up saving a lot of money as well.

A water purifier bottle will purify the water you are drinking on the spot so that you can know that you are drinking fresh, clean, uncontaminated water. Purchasing a reusable water bottle offers the following benefits:

  • Better for your health
  • Better for the environment
  • Better for your wallet

Most people are now doing their part to help the environment by reducing their consumption of items that use plastic containers. Many are also using reusable bags versus plastic bags to do their shopping. Now it’s time to put an emphasis on eliminating plastic water bottles that are designed for a single use only and replacing them with eco-friendly water bottles instead.

This is a great way to do your part to help eliminate plastic pollution, which is an ongoing crisis. Purchasing a water purifier bottle is the best way to switch over from single use plastic bottles to a greener alternative.

Best reusable eco-friendly water bottles in Canada, Toronto - Senpur

Better for Your Health – Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Canada

Many studies have shown that drinking from single-use plastic bottles is bad for your health. This may come as quite a shock since we have been programmed to believe that bottled water is much better for us than tap water. In fact, the water that you consume from a single-use bottle is often either the same or even worse in quality than tap water.  

In many cases the water going into these bottles is sourced from regular tap water. You can’t even be sure that it has been filtered properly because bottled water has different regulations than municipal water in terms of filtering laws.

If you do happen to buy water from a reputable company that has filtered the water properly, the water will still be full of toxic chemicals that have leached out from the plastic bottle. These chemicals can disrupt the endocrine system and one of these chemicals known as bisphenol, which is also known as BPH, mimics the estrogen hormone and can negatively impact unborn babies and a person’s reproductive system.

When you make the switch to eco-friendly water bottles you won’t have to worry about the micro-plastics that are found in many single-use water bottles. One study has shown that 90% of the bottled water that was tested contained micro-plastics at a concerning level. Now, the WHO, the World Health Organization, is launching a review to determine how compromised bottled water has become.

It’s time to make the switch over to a safer alternative in the form of a high-quality water purifier bottle. You want to drink to stay healthy and reusable eco-friendly water bottles can help you do just that. When you own one of these bottles you’ll always have it handy and can refill it no matter where you are. It can also act as a helpful reminder to keep drinking water to stay hydrated.

Better for the Environment

It’s estimated that approximately 29 billion single-use water bottles are purchased by Americans per year. This is in the United States alone! As well, only one of these bottles out of six ends up being recycled. Where do the rest of the empty bottles end up? Either in our water systems, on the ground or in our landfills.

This causes a huge problem since one-use water bottles are not biodegradable. Instead, they are photodegradable. This means that they are broken down by light, and it takes about 1,000 years for a single disposable bottle to completely decompose. During the process, pollutants leak into the water and soil every day. Landfills across North America and around the world are overflowing.          

These bottles are also produced using fossil fuels. It takes a lot of oil to make these bottles and this is an incredible waste of our valuable energy resources. Add to that the pollution that ends up in the atmosphere due to the manufacturing process, and you can see that disposable water bottles have become a huge problem worldwide.

When you invest in a water purifier bottle, you’ll have made an investment in yourself and in the environment. All it takes is a conscious decision to change over your drinking habits to something that is more sustainable and green.

Best Filtered Water Bottle in Canada, Toronto - Senpur

Better for Your Wallet

Just consider the amount of money that is being spent on water each year. Figure out how much you are paying for your disposable water bottles per day, per week, per month and then per year. A much better idea is to invest in the best filtered water bottle you can get. You’ll be saving a lot of money and helping out the environment and your health at the same time.

Best Filtered Water Bottle in Canada

The best filtered water bottle is one that provides clean, fresh water on demand every time. It should have the latest technology built into it so that you can be sure that you are drinking pure, clean water. When you’re looking for the best filtered water bottle, find one that explains how the process occurs and how the water is cleaned. There are some filtered water bottles on the market that simply come with a charcoal filter that can’t catch all the contaminants present in most water.

At Senpur we offer the highest quality filtered bottles for water on the market. We explain why our bottle is better and how the filtering process works. When you’re looking for the best filtered water bottle, please visit our website now at senpur.com. It’s a small investment to make when you consider all the benefits you’ll receive from making the switch.

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