About Us

We redefine the way people drink.

SENPUR™ provides innovative and sophisticated water bottles to help global communities aspire towards fitness goals and adventure, while contributing to the betterment of society.

Our Story

SENPUR™ is a luxury brand diversified into a 3-pronged approach — consumer health segment, sustainable environment and social responsibility. We build high end water bottles that are smart, innovative and technologically superior to the status quo.

We take tremendous pride in the quality, longevity and timeless understated elegance inherent in our products. We strive to create fanatical loyalty from our customers through authenticity, world-class customer service and a design forward culture that continues to push the envelope on the possible.

Our Values

We aspire to inspire. Senpur is focused on promoting healthy lifestyles, being by your side every sip of the way.


Senpur is an ECO-friendly brand that is dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and creating positive environmental impacts.


In partnership with World Water Project and Charity Water to support charity initiatives, and to aid communities around the globe.


Our Technology

Senpur bottles are made out of premium quality materials. Equipped with cutting edge UV-C light technology, Senpur bottles are able to sterilize water in 60 seconds, providing you with 99.99% pure water with every sip. Our digital bottle cap keeps track of when you last drank, and reminds you when to top up. Did we mention that our bottles are scratch resistant too? Water is essential to healthy living. Now, you can enjoy clean water anytime, anywhere.

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